2018 update

Update so far this season , I am the only one putting chips in fish so a quite few fish out that have not been chipped several of those fish were over 50lb . I was there last week and chipped 5 new fish most over 40lb and some nicely scaled
Chipped fish been out so far just this season :
4x20s, 30x30s, 52x40s, 21x50s , 1×60.
12 fish gone over 50lb and 20 new negreloube fish out . Still some time left so hopefully some of the bigger one come out soon.
I never hide anything from my anglers a lot of lakes this year lost too many fish due to the weather . We lost one a 50 ,40 and 3x30s. So I think we have been lucky , obviously this lake has not been drained for many years so we also had a few fish under 20 coming out which must be fish that came through from breeding . As every fish i put in was over 35lb. Average weight caught most weeks is over 41lb. So I’m happy (be happier when the big ones appear).

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