About us

Welcome to lac Charmant
Previously known as Lac Royale. As you will see a lot of work going on here but we are getting there. The lake is 4 hectares in size has 9 pegs one is private and out of bounds . Although there are 8 pegs to fish I usually only have a maximum of 6 anglers(Possibly more if you talk to us ) The lake was full of fish when I brought it . We also moved all our fish from my old lake (Etang Negreloube),8 years ago , all fish over 35lb are now in lac Charmant. We have sold over 100 fish under 35lb. The average weight caught each week is 21kg+(46lb+) . The lake contains mirrors,commons,leathers,linears,fully scaled,and a few grass carp appearing. We really have no idea what the biggest fish is in the lake .we have been here 8 years now but not been able to drain the lake. We keep getting surprises . I am the only one tagging the fish .and we still get surprises . In total we have had 10 new unknown 60s out . Most fish that have been moved and caught have put over 10lb+ on which is fantastic. The lake has an average depth of 6ft ish and the fish fight very hard. One fish of 59lb we moved is now a 70 (we now have 3 x 70s)
(July Aug now back to full price)
Or £335
 Drive & Survive package only.
Particles and boilies can be purchased at reasonable prices.
Full lake exclusive bookings 2100 euros per week or £1800
Maximum number of anglers six (if exclusive)but extra anglers on request
An exclusive booking can be for a limited number of anglers if you wish.
Guests are charged at 100 Euros per week
Tackle Hire per week
Bivvies 50 euros
Bedchairs 40 euros
Guest chairs 20 euros
Rods 50 euros
Rod pods 15 euros
Tables 5 euros
House Bait 9 euros/ kilo
5 kg buckets Hemp 25 euros

5 kg bucket maize/wheat 20 euros

6 kg bucket mixed (wheat/hemp/maize)  25 euros

Pellet 3 euros/kilo or 60 euros 25kg sack