Next Season

This has been the first season that Lac Charmant (previously Lac Royale)has been open to the public fir many years . Last year myself and a few friends fished the lake periodically and had over 300 fish out 200+ were over 30lb ,then last December I closed negreloube and transfered 117 fish over 35lb into Charmant plus some smaller pretty fish. The rest I sold. I am hoping to drain or partially drain charmant at the end if the year and remove all fish under 35lb except some pretty scaled fish ,we estimate there to be between 400-600 fish in the lake. I was very concerned about the negreloube fish losing weight after all they had been through but I was so surprised that they are doing so well some have put over 10lb+ on . And we have had 2 new 60s out and  5-10 fish over 56lb that were not tagged. I chipped a new fish a few weeks ago that was 57.2lb . And many weeks the average weight catches were over 41lb .

I have not been at the lake much this year due to other commitments but when I have been there I have noticed that some anglers just cannot hold fish and this really concerns me I love my fish and have talked to a few people and decided as from next year all fish will be weighed in the water (like a lot of lakes) fish safety comes first . I will try to make permanent weigh stations,  also a few fish have been caught with hooks already in them you anglers should report snap offs,  it happens to everybody and  we need to know.I brought one line in with the rig etc still on it and it was 45 metres in length (not good)  So next year it will be barbless only due to this reason and all the snags. and we will be strict with this. If i can drain the lake we will remove all snags.It’s also being reported to me that some of the mouths of smaller fish have badly damaged mouths ,this really upsets me these smaller fish are young and very strong and from what I’m told some people are bullying them again really unfair to the fish . If we see this you will leave the lake immediately . Some of the older negreloube fish have also been abused and this must stop. We are almost on our last week and I would like to say a big thank you all on behalf of myself and my manager pam  for your cooperation and look forward to seeing you again next year

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