Although we have some anglers on next week it’s almost the end of our season. I think it has been really tough this year due to covid(lack of Anglers) our fish weights went down even though I spent thousands trying to keep them fed. its great to see anglers back again, a lot of you are our friends not just our clients . I think it has been a terrible year for everybody but I cannot complain and now fish weights are also going back up .
We still managed to get 10 new 50s (but 2 went under 50 again when they were last out)
We had 4 new fish chipped all fish that had grown on
And one new 70.
Unlike some lakes I don’t have the same fish out a few times and call it a different fish . I cannot cheat anybody my fish are tagged and a lot of you know them. On behalf of myself and my manager Pam take care and stay safe look forward to seeing you again soon