Well done

A few months ago I saw a post on face book that made me feel sick, it was a picture of a disabled Angler in a wheelchair holding a fish he looked so happy then I read all the comments, some people are very sick in the head . I will share some of the posts I managed to save. I would appreciate if some lake owners who see this post will consider thinking twice about letting these idiots fish their lakes should there names crop up. Anyway I managed to get in touch with this angler who was abused i felt so bad the way he had been treated and I offered him and a helper to come and fish my lake. Due to the fact that he was disabled he could only fish the house side which is the harder side . Even if he could catch one fish i would be so happy . He was so excited and kept in touch with me everyday until he arrived . I allowed him to come with another disabled angler and a helper. When they arrived the weather was very hot and I thought they would really struggle . Then we had a huge storm which brought the fish on .
I got up to help lee (helper) for every fish and i am shattered but it was worth every minute. All 3 of them broke their pbs numerous times . This has become a hard lake but they still managed to bank 29 fish and 25 were over 40lb including 5x50s and 1×60 . Lee brought his son with him and he was also a great help . I hope some of the anglers who abused this man see these pictures of the fish all 3 caught.
I am strict with the safety of my fish and these anglers were so good and caring it was a pleasure to meet all of them. I feel proud as myself pam and boyd made these anglers have a fantastic time that they will never forget
Thank you Lee Craig Anthony and Lewis
BTW Anthony had an average of 51.8lb with 12 fish well done all of you